We work to bring about positive change through education, advocacy, community outreach, and collaborative work with other community groups.

CCORIC has a strong foundation of volunteers who work together at the grassroots level to build a welcoming, safe, inclusive community for all.

Actively addressing challenges faced by immigrants and refugees in our community is at the core of what we do.

Mental health project

Specific projects in the areas of civic participation of immigrants and refugees

Needs and Assets Assessment of Informal Community Leaders.

A project in partnership with Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre (KDCHC). Connecting with ethno-cultural association leaders to identify needs and assets and to build informal community supports for multicultural communities.

Strengthening  Mental Health in Cultural-Linguistic Communities.

 A 30-hour project in partnership with KDCHC focusing on leadership training on mental health and the mental health system.

Promoting the Mental Health of Syrian Refugees.

A project in partnership with KDCHC, focusing on raising awareness about mental health issues and making connections to community resources for those in need.

Organizing Free Community Forums

 Family Reunification Forum

 “Community Forum on the Struggle to Reunite Refugee Families – All Families Have Equal Value.”

All Candidates Meetings (held during federal election campaigns)
Needs and Assets
Educational Outreach Student art

Educational Outreach

 International Migration Research Centre Conference, Panel Participant

“Local Organizing in The Waterloo Region: Making Communities Welcoming for Newcomers.”

Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Course Collaboration

With the support of Laurier’s Community Service Learning, CCORIC partnered with students in “Social Advocacy,” a course in the Master of Applied Politics program in the Department of Political Science, to organize “World Refugee Day Waterloo Region” as part of their course curriculum.  

Local Elementary and High School student engagement.

CCORIC regularly partners with local students and newcomer youth groups as contributors to World Refugee Day through visual and performing arts.

Advocacy at the community and political levels

CCORIC responds to various levels of government on immigration legislation. We also meet with local Mayors and City Councillors to advocate for access to services for newcomers with precarious status.


World Refugee Day

A month-long series of events hosted by CCORIC and a broad range of community partners, recognizing the challenges faced by refugees and celebrating the contribution of newcomers to our community.

World Refugee Day Awards of Distinction

Established by CCORIC in 2014, these annual awards recognize outstanding members of the local community with lived refugee experience who have made positive contributions to Waterloo Region through their skills, dedication, and vision. We also acknowledge our volunteers (individuals or community groups) dedicated to working with refugees who have contributed their volunteer time, commitment, and energy to the success of local refugees.

Walk With Refugees for a Stronger Canada

Established by CCORIC in 2014, the “Walk With Refugees for a Stronger Canada” symbolizes the journey refugees make when fleeing their homeland. Each year, Waterloo Region residents, former refugees, recent refugees, local organizations, and government representatives participate in a two-kilometer walk where we hear from refugees who speak about their personal experiences.

“As a graduate student who is passionate about refugee issues, my experience with CCORIC has been truly insightful. The composition of the group allows for a dynamic and grounded understanding of the existing issues that impact migrant and refugee populations, as well as service providers. By engaging in various forms of advocacy work to address these issues, I have had the opportunity to contribute to the overall growth and well-being of the entire Kitchener-Waterloo community.”

Laura C.